Be scared, tourists…

Be scared.  Next time you decide to stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue to take a trite picture of St. Patrick’s Cathedral (ever heard of google image search?), next time you ride the goddamn subway escalator two-across like it’s some fucking amusement park ride, the next time your gigantic M&Ms store bags collide with my kneecaps, and the next time you nearly poke my eye out trying to hail a pedi-cab…think long and hard about whether I may be around.  Cause if I am, I will photograph your fat ass and put it on my blog.

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2 Comments on “Be scared, tourists…”

  1. Liz Says:

    Hilarious! All of it! I love it!! New Yorkers get the bad rap and are considered rude, but Billy Bob is allowed to shuffle down Broadway with his 10 kids running amock and I should excuse his apeish behavior b/c he has a twang to his voice. I think not

  2. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    Thank you Liz. I agree with everything you say. And I think you would find me quite nice if you met me. Not rude at all!

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