Holiday Windows at Saks

Saks Line

Despite the fact that it is the year 2008 and high-tech entertainment is available via movie, television, internet, etc, tourists still love to stand in a long line looking at tiny robotic toys awkwardly moving around to banal Christmas muzak. FUN!

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4 Comments on “Holiday Windows at Saks”

  1. misanthropesareboring Says:

    yeah, it’s a fucking atrocity that these everyone isn’t spending every last minute of their miserable existences perched in front of a computer like you are. loser.

  2. newschick Says:


  3. Barryap Says:

    Have you noticed the throngs of people in the Times Square subway station who stand hypnotized by the HDTV in that underground electronics store? Every single time I see a crowd just staring at the TV. Have they never seen television before?

  4. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    I know Barryap, it’s fucking unreal.

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