Tourist Talk

heard and sent in by reader Jacki:
(scene 46th & 5th @ interminable crosswalk wait)

wife: “Huh. Little Brazil Street.”
(pause & deep thought)
“Ronnie, why does that sign say “Little Brazil Street”? I thought we were on 46th Street???”

Ronnie: “That’s strange. It says 46th Street on a different sign right below it. But I can only see one street!”

wife: (worried) ” Do you think we need to find the real 46th Street???

Ronnie: ” Well, maybe it’s all one street but that’s a helluva deal. We’ll double back to make sure.”

(AND…the light turns to walk and everyone on the planet moves except Ronnie & the Mrs…)

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One Comment on “Tourist Talk”

  1. What’s a blog? What’s a snark? Why should I care?

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