Tourism Safety

In Rockefeller Center, bright and tacky yellow tape is laid on all changes in surface height, no matter how minor, in order to warn tourists of impending doom.

Scary Stairs:

Rock Center Steps

Scary Step:

Scary Step

Super Scary (one-third of an inch in height) Curb!:

Scary Curb!

Though this yellow tape has tarnished Rockefeller Center’s iconic Art Deco architecture, in the year or so since it has been laid, it has saved countless of unathletic tourists per day from seemingly tripping over thin air and turning their ankles, scraping their knees, and suing our fair city.

Do they not have stairs in other cities!?!!!?!?!

Oh yeah…they have escalators, elevators, and Rascal ramps.

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2 Comments on “Tourism Safety”

  1. Pitch'nPutt Says:

    I’ve witnessed two toursists trip on those newly dayglow-stickered steps outside Rockefeller. One was a mere misstep who grabbed onto her husband’s arm. But the second was fantastic, full on head-first digger into the sidewalk. Real nasty. Security jerked the older lady up and whisked her into the building before any scene could gather. I guess they must have been given extensive medical training in diagnosing neck injuries. You should blog about the security guards at Rockefeller center. I think they all disgruntled ex-upstate troopers.

  2. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    I saw a fat British woman once trip on the steps and tweak her ankle. It quickly started swelling up. Some other Brit tourist sprinted over and started imploring her to sue Rockefeller Center. She got gurneyed away. For a sprained ankle!

    Since the escalators are always broken, I often have to take the elevator down to the concourse. I became friendly with one elevator man. He actually had a doctorate in biology from a very prestigious school. He unsurprisingly hated his life.

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