What are NYC’s Most Loathsome Tourist Stores?

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4 Comments on “What are NYC’s Most Loathsome Tourist Stores?”

  1. Michael S Says:

    Clearly Macy’s. they bring f—ing tour groups into the store.

    • Aaron Goldfarb Says:

      I once got a gift I wanted to return. It was from Macy’s. I think I just threw it away. Better than having to deal with that hellhole.

  2. Vicki Says:

    It TOTALLY has to be M&M!!! Every town in America does not have Macy’s but every disgusting convenience store, truck stop, market & movie theater in America has M&M’s! And you just have to be an idiot to pay 20 bucks for a plastic piece of garbage with like 10 stale M&M’s inside.

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