Abercrombie and Fitch (5th Avenue)

Abercrombie and Fitch

“Don’t we have this same lame store in our shitty hometown mall?”

“Yup. But there we don’t get to stand in a velvet roped line for 45 minutes waiting to get in!”

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6 Comments on “Abercrombie and Fitch (5th Avenue)”

  1. KingOttoIII Says:

    What a joke that people wait in line like that.

    BTW I kinda have a tourist story for you. Actually it is more of a travel story. When I go on longer trips I usually check my bags at the curb because you cant carry on toiletries over a certain amount and I dont feel like buying mini everything. Well on one trip I was behind an older lady from out of town and the Sky Cap thing was totally new to here. She was like oooh how nice. Well the guy is just standing there waiting for his tip. They exchanged small talk btu I guess she thought he was just being nice. Anyway she didnt tip him and after she left he took her bag off the cart and threw it to the side saying this shit is going to Minnesota. I assumed she wasnt going to Minnesota. I think I gave him a Ten as I was worried his anger would overflow to me. I flet like that guy after Elaine in the Soup Nazi line.

    While we are on Sky Caps, on that trip I took to Chicago I checked my bag. Since I hate waiting for my bag at baggage claim and I figured it would be a packed flight, I gave the guy a $20. Usually I give $5, which is what Greg gave him. I had a theory that he would take care of us and the extra $15 would be worth it. Anyway we got on the flight and it was maybe half full. However when we landed and got over to baggage claim we waited 2 secs and our bags were the first two out. And they had the VIP BS tags on them. Well my theory seems to work even though I didnt need it since the plane was empty.

    • Aaron Goldfarb Says:

      Well looky here, I didn’t know you read this blog, KOIII! Glad to have you.

      Totally agree with you about Skycaps. I use them every chance I can and I always tip heftily. I have never tipped my way to the VIP tag level though. Good idea and good to know. I will try it next time. Because waiting for your bags, standing next to fat slobs in knock-off Juicy Couture velour sweats, is one of the highest levels of hell.

  2. KingOttoIII Says:

    Funny that when I fly out of Newark you almost have to use the Sky Cap as the line inside to check bags is always long. But coming home there is never a line inside.

  3. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    That’s another reason I use skycaps, I hate those lines.

  4. the guy who just walked into you Says:

    These are probably the worse type of tourists. I’m not just talking about NYC but any city. Why would you stand on line at a store you most likely have back home. Not to mention the same crap is definitely cheaper back home.


  5. Aaron Says:

    First off, “guy,” I keep forgetting to mention that you have the best commenter name ever. I laugh every time you post.

    As to A&F I agree with all your points and that is why A&F 5th Avenue is maybe my least favorite store in the world.

    That and because you can smell the cologne coming out of that place from 10 blocks away.

    I’ve written about my hatred for that place on my other blog:


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