Photo Finish

Action Photo

You may find this hard to believe, but these tourists were moving so fast, were such a blur of velocity in carting their Times Square tchotchkes back to the Hotel Pennsylvania, that my woman on the scene had to use a special FinishLynx high-speed camera (the same camera used at the Olympics) in order to photograph this pair.

photo credit:  Jacki

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8 Comments on “Photo Finish”

  1. Jacki Says:

    Notice the bright white “walking shoes” – you know those babies just had about .6 miles of total ambulation on them before the big vacay.

  2. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    Thank you for using a Tourist Term. And for introducing me to the word “ambulation.” NICE!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    This is slightly off topic, but I have to say I am completely baffled by the athletic wear and shoe industry. I work in the fashion industry (Empire State Building- tourist central), and so have seen a lot of ugly shit, but nothing as ugly as what comes out of Nike, or New Balance, etc. Are the shoe designers blind, or just insane?

  4. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    Stephanie my dear, I weep for you having to actually work in a building that tourists fucking pay money to go to the top of and recreate “An Affair to Remember” fatso edition.

    I sometimes think shoe designers try to make shoes as ugly and “flashy” as possibly.

  5. Jacki Says:

    Steph – no kidding… as an avid runner I am floored at the lack of tasteful shoe options on the market. i finally got over it as i found the shoe of my dreams and ONLY wear it at the gym, not with my jeans on a stroll through midtown like these fine ladies. However, could i not just as easily run my miles in something accented in colors that I could actually find in my wardrobe, instead of varying degrees of neons?

  6. jj Says:

    Imagine how much faster she would have been, had you rolled her on her belly

  7. Wendiwolf Says:

    THANK YOOO STEPHANIE! Some of those shoes are enough to make your eyes bleed!
    So uh… not to sound like a moron or anything… but when I bring MYSELF to NYC- does anyone care if I ambulate in my thrashed riding boots?
    They’ve seen thousands of miles of SF city streets.

    Mr A- I have to tell you I seriously panicked when I saw
    “Photo Finish” my heart sank at the thought this was the end of your photo journal…
    Thankfully- I was WRONG.

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