The Jekyll & Hyde Club

Jekyl & Hyde

“I tell you Glenda, this looks like one of those gimmicky restaurants full of mediocre and overpriced food, schlocky and sugary cocktails, annoying waiters perpetually pissed off that they aren’t on Broadway yet, gluttonous tourists clogging the dining space, and a bunch of tacky crap on the walls all loosely wrapped around some murky theme.”

“So you’re saying you want to eat here?”


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6 Comments on “The Jekyll & Hyde Club”

  1. Jacki Says:

    Glenda’s giving you the evil eye…

  2. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    Actually, Sue Ellen’s giving me the evil eye. Glenda’s pondering whether she shall have the Mummy burger of the Wolfman’s Wrap. What the heck, she’ll have both!

  3. jon Says:

    you forgot to mention the animatronics. what’s a NYC experience without animatronic mummies performing just for you?

    • Aaron Goldfarb Says:

      I didn’t know about the animatronics! Are they inside or do those things on the outside actually move? I usually try to walk on the other side of 6th Avenue when I’m nearing J&H quite frankly.

  4. Jewna Says:

    Aw, I love Jekyll and Hyde! I used to beg my parents to take me there as a kid. It’s lame and over priced but it’s halloween-style lame!

  5. Wendiwolf Says:


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