Wrappa W


“Excuse me, miss, you look like a tourist what with your peroxide blond bob haircut and the fact that you are actually listening to the bullshit I spew. Allow me to introduce myself, since you have surely never heard of me. My god-given name is Wesley Martin but my stage name is Wrappa W. I know in this era of increasingly fractionalized media, in a world where hundreds of thousands of new songs and tens of thousands of new albums are released per week, many of which are quite good yet which you will never possibly have the chance to discover nor the time to listen to, its hard to decide what sort of music to consume and most people simply stick with highly-acclaimed stuff recommended to them by friends and loved ones. And quite frankly, when is the last time you ever bought a CD, much less listened to one? Five years ago?

So what my long-winded inquiry comes down to is…will you give me 20 bucks for this shitty CD I recorded in my bathroom?”

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One Comment on “Wrappa W”

  1. […] that want spare change, sandwich-board-wearing immigrants that want you to accept their flyer, and rapping dilettantes that want you to pony up for their newest amateur album. Were a local to actually interact with all […]

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