Handsome Hansom

Hansom Horse

“Here ya’ go widdle horsey, eat the carrot.  Just looks like a nice carrot, huh?  Little do you know I laced in with cyanide.  Soon I will take all you fucking equines down.  Nice horsey.  No one ever expects a child.”

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4 Comments on “Handsome Hansom”

  1. TheGreenCat Says:

    Ah, little Alan Strang visits Manhattan just months before he becomes obsessed and blinds 6 horses!

  2. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    It was very strange…this girl and her mom were just carrying around a sack of carrots.

  3. TheGreenCat Says:

    Seriously? Okay, I thought that perhaps one of the drivers handed the kid a carrot to give the horse. But they were carrying them around? Like the old ladies with the bags of bread for the pigeons? “Hey honey, gather up those stale carrots and let’s go to the park and feed the horses!”

  4. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    Yeah, seriously. And they were like the most cartoonish carrots I’ve ever seen. Giant, hulking orange stalks with the leaves still pluming out the top of them. Something Bugs Bunny would eat.

    I knew weird shit happened in this city, but I never noticed how much weirdness there is til I started this blog.

    UGH, people that feed pigeons are a whole ‘nother thing I hate! “Hey, let’s cause a swarm of disease-riddled flying rats to surround us!”

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