What’s With All the Fur Coats?

Honestly, before this year, I’d never noticed so many tourists wearing fur coats.  But now I’m noticing seemingly 8 out of every 10 female tourists wearing furs of all shapes, sizes, and creatures!  And, that even includes men!

I’d make a poll, but honestly, I don’t even know where to begin.  So tell me in the comments kind, knowledgeable readers:

“What is with all the fur coats?!”

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3 Comments on “What’s With All the Fur Coats?”

  1. Veronika Says:

    Perhaps people are no longer intimidated by the anti-fur crazies, and I, for one, am very happy! The “animal rights” cult has a right to its “religious” beliefs, but they do not have the right to bully, assault, stalk, or harass those who refuse to convert to their “faith”. When I was last in New York two years ago I saw lots of fur that winter and none of those batty fools on the streets screaming and foaming at the mouth against fur, and it was BEAUTIFUL! I was one of those fur-wearing tourists, and I got several compliments on my coat. Perhaps the appearance of so much fur is symbolic of a return to sanity,maturity, and elegance, and REFUSAL to give heed to childish, emotional propaganda even if it is couched in terms of “compassionate enlightenment” or “education”.

    • Aaron Goldfarb Says:

      Thanks for the response, Veronica.

      I too an ANTI anti-fur people.

      But I’m also curious why all the tourist fur…

  2. Sara Says:

    I feel for my fur cots the way Homer does for donuts… Mmmmm Fur(although i don’t eat my outerwear). Warm, loving fur 🙂
    Not a tourist, just a NY’er tired of the freezing winters.

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