Rhapsody in Sky Blue


“You will not believe this, Earl!  So I had just handed over some of our TGIFriday’s leftovers to the homeless fella standing in front of the train station.  I turned around to take a picture of some stupid shit and next thing I know, the back of my legs start feeling moist.  I spin like a ballerina to see the very same homeless fella now urinating all over my calves and ankles!  The nerve!”

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3 Comments on “Rhapsody in Sky Blue”

  1. Jewna Says:

    Calves and ankles? Don’t you mean cankles?

  2. Wendiwolf Says:

    Well… again…. though hardly fashionable- riding boots COULD have prevented this!


  3. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    Good call, Wendi. The riding boots are needed!

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