47 Million

Fucking tourists visited the city this year.  A record.


With enough posts about these fatsos and their tapered jeans, I’m certain that NYCTourists can get that number down to 46.5 million in 2009!

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11 Comments on “47 Million”

  1. we’re going to have that many people here in DC for the inauguration alone! The competition is on…

  2. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    What is the serious number going to be?

    This is a competition I would gladly like my city to lose.

  3. TheGreenCat Says:

    Have you been out there today?! It’s insane! I actually hit full on pedestrian gridlock on Broadway between 47th and 48th just a few minutes ago. Ack!

  4. Aaron Goldfarb Says:


    Unfortunately I have, but now I am safely tucked inside at an undisclosed location tourists have yet to sully.

    On Saturday an out-of-town friend insisted I meet him crosstown. I dumbly tried to cut through Rockefeller Center. It was absolute gridlock like Bourbon Street, only if everyone was fat, drunk on Cold Stone Creamery, and flashing their protruding guts. I had to walk down the center lane of 50th street just to traverse from 6th Ave to 5th.

  5. Pitch'nPutt Says:

    Ha, I believe we were meeting the same person, I and a out of town friend who also wanted nothing to do with Rockefeller Center, got caught up on 5th ave and 49th street. I momentarily lost my bearings and made a left onto 5th while heading west on 49th and walked straight into tourist quicksand. Couldn’t turn around, barricades prevented us from skirting through the street and a hundred thousand tourists had stopped to have their pic taken in front of the tree at Saks Fifth Ave. It took us nearly ten minutes to walk the single block in front of Saks north of the cathedral. Never again! Ohh and I have a new found hate for double wide baby carriages.

  6. Aaron Goldfarb Says:


    Thanks for coining a new Tourist Term:


  7. TheGreenCat Says:

    I think baby strollers have no business being in midtown. Can we get them banned?

  8. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    I will have a post later tonight or tomorrow about a new tourist phenomenon I have noticed that may even be worse than strollers.

    But, yes, strollers are terrible. Get your fat kids walking! Jeez, my parents made me walk everywhere the second I physically could walk.

  9. dctouristsandlocals Says:

    In DC we call them the stoller mafia – stay-at-home-moms who just walk around and shop with their strollers all day, with nothing to do but lunch with friends and spend their husbands’ money.

    I don’t know what the projected inauguration total is – I’ve heard numbers all over the map. A radio station did a survey of bus companies along the east coast, and they predict edapprox. 15,000 tour buses. 15,000 x 50 tourists + those who drive + those who train/bus/fly = mayhem

  10. the guy who just walked into you Says:

    These damn parents don’t want to supervise THEIR OWN KIDS…

    Lets strap my 4 or 5 year old kid in the stroller so i don’t have to keep a watchful eye on them. Cause you know as soon as these kids “get free” they’ll be undisciplined-crazy-out of control- winning-spoiled-brats.

    Is it me or are todays kids getting worse and worse?

  11. Wendiwolf Says:

    It’s NOT just you.
    They ARE.
    I can’t count the times I have asked the same question.
    It’s usually followed by :
    I wonder WHY?

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