STOP Kids on Shoulders!

Kids on Shoulders

Look, I’m all for children having fun.  And, I certainly understand how they would greatly enjoy riding on their father’s shoulders as he walks around, I certainly did back some 25 years ago.  But this is New York fucking City!  Not Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland or a Fourth of July picnic.  It’s simply not safe for a man with a kid on his shoulders to be wading through tourist quicksand, getting bumped left and right by other tourists and, even worse, fast-moving juking and jiving locals.  Now, walking as fast as humanly possible becomes a risky endeavor for me as I may lower a shoulder or shiver a forearm and teeter the top-heavy man, injuring the child when he plummets to the sidewalk.

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2 Comments on “STOP Kids on Shoulders!”

  1. felix Says:

    How about tourist lied to and overcharged, even though they do fund cruelty

  2. Honestly, I’m all for tourists being duped, especially on hansom cab rides.

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