My partner in crime Furious JR is down in Miami for tonight’s BCS Title game and spied this pair of sartorial icktasticness while waiting in line for the Port-O-Potty.

OU pants

Yes, this is only tangentially related to tourists, and not related to NYC at all–I’d wager the owner of these trousers thinks Manhattan is full of “fruits” and “Hebrews” and would without question eat at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone every single night of his stay–but I can’t ever pass up the chance to share disgusting wardrobe choices with the rest of humanity.  Oh the humanity!

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6 Comments on “BCS BS”

  1. Goggla Says:

    Ok, well, there’s a guy on Sullivan – a resident, not a tourist, I’m afraid – and he sweeps the sidewalk and street nearly every morning in his pajama pants. He’s got a pair with little Homer Simpsons on them and he sorta resembles Homer himself, so I really don’t appreciate encountering this scene first thing in the morning on my way to work. If he’s not going to respect himself by getting dressed to go outside, why not respect me and everyone else who has the decency to put on some PANTS before heading out the door?

    Pajama Pants Man – if you’re reading this, you are NOT sexy. Please.

  2. Aaron Goldfarb Says:


    Come on Goggla, use those wonderful photographic skills of yours to capture Homer Simpson PJs!

    Hmmm…I might need a whole series of people wearing terrible PJs in public:


  3. Goggla Says:

    That’s how it starts…you take their pic and then you’re in love…

  4. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    And next thing you know, Goggla, you’re wearing Marge Simpson PJ bottoms and stumbling around the Village feeding the pigeons some Wonder Bread.

  5. KingOttoIII Says:

    Hawaiian Tropic is too expensive. Hooters Midtown.

  6. I wonder where he ate when he stayed in Miami? “Don’t want none of that Mexican food, but that’s all they got at this here airport”

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