Culture Clash

Fine Art, Fine Ladies

Is anyone else disturbed?  Am I the only one who walks around tormented by the fact that people grow more slovenly every day?  That they wallow in their disheveldness as though the world is their La-Z-Boy?

Take these fine ladies for example.  They appreciate art, enjoyed discussing the Renaissance style and dreamily admired the attire on display in the paintings — ironic, huh?

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5 Comments on “Culture Clash”

  1. ummmmheyyyy Says:

    That is pretty ironic. But I’m curious as to what you were wearing. That sounds dirty. My b.

  2. joel menschenfresser Says:

    i think you are being a little bit harsh here, i mean it’s not like they are not wearing flip-flops or sweatpants (like this one dips**t i saw traipsing shivering through the snow today)

  3. furiousjr Says:

    maybe i am. but then again, their giant XXXL sweatshirts said “CIA” and “FBI”, respectively —so i guess i need to apologize for my harshness based on the photo alone. i should have explained the true magnitude of the horror.

    ummmmmmheyyy – i was wearing an evening gown and chinchilla muffler, of course.

  4. furiousjr Says:

    BLACK uggs – gotta be fancy

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