Good Monday morning fellow New Yorkers.  This week’s Tourist Threat Level is a placid:

BLUE (Guarded)


Still just a couple of weeks after the intense holiday season, most tourists are still low on discretionary income and therefore  not traveling to NYC.  Plus, there ain’t no big, giant tree to look at any more!  And, the savvier off-peak travelers have been forced indoors due to the painfully frigid weather outside, thus incapable of getting in my way, forced to stay in their hotel rooms gorging on room service and PPV pornography.

Remember NYCers, we may be safe now, but the tourism threat level can always quickly jump — and will — enjoy the tranquility while you can!

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  1. I think DC is currently on the border between High and Severe… with the latter arriving next week! I’ll have lots of pictures, so check back.

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