My Father the NYC Tourist and I took a cab to the restaurant.  I got out of the car first and moved to the sidewalk while he paid.  It was taking forever.  What was going on?  It looked like my father was haggling with the cab-driver.

I walked back to the taxi, finding my father quite flummoxed.

“What’s going on, dad?”

My father held up a $20 bill in his hand.

“This guy doesn’t have change for a $20.  What should I do?”

“He’s lying to you because you’re dressed like such a hayseed.  Come on.  We just won’t pay him.”

I pulled my dad from the car and as we began to walk away the cabbie miraculously “found” the correct amount of change.  He had obviously been trying to dupe my father into a $13 tip, thinking he was a tourist fool of the highest order.

And here’s the funny thing…

Back in his early-twenties, my father was an actual NYC cab-driver!  He had probably used this same “trick” himself!!!  Unbelievable.

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3 Comments on “TOURIST TALK”

  1. Patricia K.-D. Says:

    Finished meeting early January 8th 2009 near Madison. about 2 p.m.
    “Local ” suggested I eat at small local Italian Restaurant, Vico, 1302
    Madison, NY 10128. Not many people there but after snooty manager
    pointed me at a table, the waiter was helpful and friendly. I asked for
    a menu and a glass of water. I received the menu promptly, and a LARGE
    bottle of water. The embaressed waiter said, Vico only takes CASH,
    no credit cards etc. I thought, lunch, how bad could it be, and said O.K.
    He suggested I start with some hot asperagus tips with a cheese sause, and fresh fish, I was unfamiliar with the fish name, it came on a spoon of spinach, I asked for
    potatoes, boiled, fried mashed? The waiter said the Chef does NOT do potatoes.
    I had a glass of house white wine, and had almost finished my fish when the waiter
    returned with a plate of F.Fries. I was pleased and had another glass of wine. No
    mention of prices on any of these sales, I should have been forewarned…
    I asked for a dessert, they did not serve the item I asked for, so I returned
    their selection and had a cup of coffee. Then the waiter dropped a bill for
    $132.75, hand-written. I called the manager and said this was blatent
    gouging, tourist trap games. He offered to take “something” off the cost of the wine
    He agreed it was a VERY ordinary wine, and he had charged $30 for 2 glasses!
    The little unexceptional fish cost $37.50, The big deal “French Fries” served late
    cost $10.00 the bottle of water cost $16.50, the 5 sticks of asperagus and a dab
    of cheese cost $18.50. Vico Ristorante group are a tourist trap and should as
    such, have a warning sign on the door. Has anyone else had a gouging lunch experience? And does the NY Tax Board approve of the slippery Cash Only
    syatem? Cheating “Tourist” should be exposed for the mean game it is.
    It does NOTHING for New York.

  2. Patricia K.-D. Says:

    ‘Am very interested in factual stories of
    “Tourist” being gouged for restaurant or service bills,
    , or treated well, in New York City, Manhatton for example?

  3. Wow, I have never heard of those tricks. Guess they treat me like a local there…? That’s horrible.

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