I [BLANK] NY Tourism

I Love NY Tourism?

If I was the sign-maker, I don’t think a heart is the one icon I would have employed.

Using G-Mail’s “rich text formatting” icons available, here are a few better choices:

I NY Tourism

I NY Tourism

I NY Tourism

I NY Tourism

I NY Tourism

I NY Tourism

What ICON would you use?

Photo credit:  Furious JR

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5 Comments on “I [BLANK] NY Tourism”

  1. Kyle Says:

    I don’t understand why tourists buy train tickets at Grand Central. A) NYC scares them B) NYC disappoints their tourist interests C) Tourists have always wanted to see Stamford, CT?

  2. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    I don’t understand that either. I also don’t understand why people buy tickets–any tickets–from physical human beings. Why do people wait in train or movie ticket lines for 15 minutes when you can just breeze through using a machine? Do these people not own debit cards?!

  3. reve Says:

    Well. I will tell you something…NY is NY thanks to many things, tourism included, and not precisely NY thanks people like you among its citizens, just for you to know…and plz do not leave NY, that’s your apple jail…be there, stay there, you do not belong to my world, little shit.

  4. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    You’re an illiterate idiot, Reve.

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