I was just walking in Rockefeller Center and I thought, “Oh, that’s cool, I guess a special needs center is on field trip.” Nope, these were fully functioning adult tourists that were just so fat, ugly, and slow-moving that I thought they were retarded. Whoever they were, they were in my way, taking pictures of dumb stuff and generally just being a nuisance. I live in Midtown Manhattan and like my fellow city-dwellers, I am sick of them. And after years, I’m finally inspired to do something — take pictures of these cretins while they’re blocking me.

E-mail me tourist pics at nyctourists [at]

7 Comments on “MOOOOOOOVE!!!!!”

  1. Anna E. Says:

    Yeah. A nice guy like yourself – “I thought they were retarded” – would certainly think “Oh, that’s cool, I guess a special needs center is on field trip.” Because your heart is all warm and shit. And you love mankind. And you’re just a good person. New York needs more people like you. Hell, the world does! It’s nice that you use your real name, too. Who needs to be ashamed, right?

  2. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    I’m ashamed of myself every single minute of every single day, Anna.

  3. Dan Says:

    So you are sick of tourists blocking foot traffic while taking pictures and you decide to block foot traffic by taking pictures of people taking pictures? And you call others retarded…

  4. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    You got me there, Dan. I ironically found I too was blocking foot traffic in the first days of this blog, making me a bigger part of the problem than any one else. Thus, I have upgraded to a sportier camera and now take pictures on the go, never blocking any one. Which explains why my photography is crummy. But I am no longer blocking any one at least.

  5. Goggla Says:

    I love you.

    Keep shooting. 🙂

  6. Sara Says:

    Summertime is the worst, we took our money and baught a place in another state cause we just can’t take it here anymore. I don’t know what’s worse, the tourists or the roaches. Thank yuo for doing this!

  7. Aaron Goldfarb Says:

    And I love you Goggla.

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